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  • Maths Balance by BUKI White
  • Maths Balance by BUKI White
  • Maths Balance by BUKI White
  • Maths Balance by BUKI White
  • Maths Balance by BUKI White
  • Maths Balance by BUKI White
  • Maths Balance by BUKI White

Maths Balance by BUKI - white




What you should know...Product details

A scale that allows children to easily learn to sort colours, handle weights and easily make maths calculations! Depending on the age, different activities are suggested: sorting tokens by colour and placing them in the matching coloured compartment. Then, they can learn about weighing and balancing using the two weighing bowls provided. And the older kids will count and add up as they play! All calculations are possible: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Maths Balance by BUKI
  • A calculator scale, 2 weighing bowls, 30 tokens in 6 different colours, 30 puzzle cards
  • An activity user guide for parents
  • To find the answers to the 60 puzzles provided, the child has to hang the weights to balance the scales and get the right result
  • Counting exercises are included in the user guide
  • Suitable from 3 years
Colour : - White

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