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  • Reusable Microfibre Absorbent Pads (x2) HAMAC WHITE DARK SOLID
  • Reusable Microfibre Absorbent Pads (x2) HAMAC WHITE DARK SOLID
  • Reusable Microfibre Absorbent Pads (x2) HAMAC WHITE DARK SOLID

Reusable Microfibre Absorbent Pads (x2) HAMAC - white dark solid

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What you should know...Product details

2 reusable microfibre absorbent pads, size 1, HAMAC

2 washable absorbent pads, in microfibre to put in the pocket in the Hamac reusable nappies.

The reusable Hamac absorbent pad in microfibre has three layers so that it is very comfortable and absorbent, with a soft side to keep your baby dry in a natural way.

The overnight absorbent pad in microfibre is folded 3 times lengthways, with the beige side in contact with the baby’s bottom.

Plus points of the 2 reusable microfibre absorbent pads, size 1, HAMAC

  • What size should you get? Size 1 (0-6 months): Nappy size XS and S. Size 2 (6-24 months): Nappy size M and L

  • Quick dry

  • Keeps baby dry for 3 hours


  • Machine washable at 40° and 60°
  • Can be tumble-dried
  • The more the pads are washed, the more absorbent they become. Machine wash 5 to 10 times before using the first time (wash with your usual linen)
  • Avoid using glycerine-based softener or detergent, as the oils may reduce the pads’ absorbent capacity

Washing Instructions

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