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Just How Many? What to Buy for Your Newborn

Just How Many?
What to Buy for Your Newborn

Preparing for your new arrival can be as stressful as it is exciting, with so much to plan and buy all jumbled up with that nagging worry that you might not have enough – or that you’ve bought too much!

It’s tricky to work out exactly how many of each clothing item you need. On the one hand, little ones grow at an alarming rate, but on the other, it’s likely they’ll need a couple of outfit changes throughout the day. If you’re deliberating over just how many items you need, fear not! This handy guide explains exactly what you need to buy for your newborn, and how many of each item you’ll need.

Bodysuits and onesies

Whether your bundle of joy arrives in summer or winter, bodysuits are a baby wardrobe staple. They work as an easy, fuss-free outfit in the summer, but also act as a basic layer in the winter months. We recommend getting around 7 in preparation for your baby’s arrival, so you’ve got one for every day of the week!

Vertbaudet recommends...

Pack of 7 white bodysuits – these bodysuits have long sleeves to keep your little one warm and their wrap-style opening makes nappy changing as easy as 1,2,3!

Pack of 5 pure cotton bodysuits – cutaway shoulders make these adorably designed bodysuits easy to slip on and off, and the press-studs between the legs are practical for easy nappy-changing.

Pack of 2 long-sleeved and full-leg bodysuits – these full-leg bodysuits will give your baby extra warmth and comfort, as they’re made from super-soft materials and have long sleeves to keep them feeling toasty on cold days.


Try and get between 4 and 7 pyjama suits; if you’re having a cosy day at home, your baby can always wear snuggly PJs during the day! For sleeping though, it’s important that pyjamas don’t have any complicated fastenings and are simple to pull on and off.

Vertbaudet recommends...

One-piece fleece pyjamas – these pyjamas are soft and comfy for sleeping in and have press-stud fastenings for easy dressing.

Pack of 2 fleece pyjamas – we love the cute motifs on these pyjamas! They’re also extremely comfortable for your little dreamer to wear and are practical for changing.


With so many adorable outfit sets available, it’s hard not to go overboard when shopping for newborn baby clothes. As we know, babies grow up quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get one or two lovely little daytime outfits for special occasions or visiting family members.

Vertbaudet recommends...

T-shirt, fleece hat & trousers outfit set – available in two charming styles, this outfit set is made from comfortable materials and comes with a cosy hat to keep little heads warm and snug!

Cotton all-in-one with soft toy – as well as being easy to put on and extra comfortable, this gorgeous all-in-one outfit comes complete with a soft toy for your newborn to snuggle with.

Knitted outfit set – this delightful knitted outfit is made from a soft mix of wool and cotton, and is perfect for your little one’s first days as it’s warm, comfortable and easy to put on.

Socks, slippers or booties

Although shoes aren’t really necessary until your baby starts to walk, it’s still important to keep those tiny little toes safe and warm, especially when you’re out and about. With that in mind, make sure you have a few pairs of socks, slippers or booties ready for your little arrival.

Vertbaudet recommends...

Pack of 7 pure cotton booties – these cute little garments are perfect for your hospital bag and are made from pure cotton, so they’ll be soft and warm against your new baby’s skin.

Elasticated cotton slippers – your little one’s feet will be cushioned by soft fabrics in these lovely elasticated slippers and what’s more, the flocked star motifs on the underside are designed to stimulate your baby’s sense of touch.


If you’re expecting a summer baby, you’ll need something to protect their little head against the sun’s rays. If your new arrival is due in the winter, they’ll need something to keep them warm in chilly temperatures. We recommend getting 1-3 hats to start off with – you can always get more when your baby is bigger and has more outfits to match with!

Vertbaudet recommends...

Pack of 2 beanies – these soft little hats are made from organic cotton and are gentle against your baby’s skin.

Knit hat and ankle boots – you can keep your little one’s head AND feet warm with this adorable 2-piece set, which comes in a delightful poplin bag.


When your little one is still a newborn, they probably won’t spend much time outside. That said, it’s a good idea to have one coat for travelling from A to B, especially if you’re having a winter baby. All-in-ones are your best bet for keeping babies warm and snuggly, with a hood for extra protection against cold elements.

Vertbaudet recommends...

Lined and padded all-in-one with face motif – this cute little all-in-one is padded for comfort and has a double-zip opening, so it’s a doddle to put on and take off.

3-in-1 fleecy snowsuit – this amazing snowsuit is convertible, so you can turn it into a fleecy jacket or sleeping bag – the ideal outfit for car journeys and pushchair trips!

Ready to start shopping for your newborn?

Now you know how much you need to get, it’s time to look for more inspiration! Check out our full baby clothing collection, where you’ll find everything you need to welcome your precious new arrival into the world.

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