Children’s Occasion Wear: How to Plan Ahead & Shop Savvy

Nursery Décor Ideas

It can be a real headache trying to decide what you’re going to wear for a special occasion, let alone having to think about the little ones too. Whether you’re taking your children to a summer wedding, a backyard birthday party, a family soiree or a church christening, you want to make sure they’re dressed to impress.

Fortunately, Vertbaudet are here to help! We’ve put together a selection of handy tips to help you shop savvy and plan ahead for those big occasions. Read on to find out more...

Summer Weddings

Top tips: Summer wedding outfits for boys and girls

Will your tot be a flower girl, a pageboy, or simply in attendance at a summer wedding? Whatever the situation, it can be a minefield trying to find the perfect outfit for the occasion. Here are our top tips for weddings.

Dress them comfortably

The last thing you want when the bride and groom are walking up the aisle is for your child to be fidgeting and fussing because of itchy, synthetic fabric or tight collars. Avoid heavy materials and choose garments made from soft and comfortable cotton.

Also, make sure your child isn’t restricted by their outfit in any way by choosing a sleeveless dress or an adjustable hook-fastening bowtie. We all know how much they love to sprint and skid around the dancefloor!

Calm, understated and timelessly classic, grey is a subtle and contemporary alternative to bright pinks and blues, and can be used in the nurseries of both boys and girls.

Comfortable and cute
Comfortable and cute

Size guides

When choosing a wedding outfit for a baby boy, girl, or young child, you will always be confronted with the question: what if they grow? To prepare yourself for this, always be one step ahead and plan for their next growth spurt. Why not use our Size Guide for help?

When should you start shopping?

Weddings can be stressful enough, what with all the travel, finding accommodation and buying the right gift. To make sure you're as prepared as possible, we recommend that you should start looking for your little one’s outfit when you begin shopping for your own clothes.
You’ll thank yourself for avoiding a last-minute rush!

Cute Looks from Vertbaudet​

For Babies

Blue dark all over printed
Baby Girls' Blouse + Shorts
+ Headband Outfit
These matching items feature pretty details, making them an essential outfit for any special occasion.
White light solid
Baby Boys' Short-Sleeved
Polo Shirt
This chic and relaxed short-sleeved polo shirt is both stylish and comfortable – perfect for a party!

For Girls

Pink light solid
Girls' Dual Fabric 2-in-1 Dress
This stunning 2-in-1 dress is made from a wonderful mix of fabrics and features pretty frills on the shoulders.
Great for those party days!
White, Iridescent beige or Pink
Girls’ Glitter Skirt
Does your little one prefer skirts to dresses?
She’ll be shining in this glittery number, and the elasticated adjustable waistband will ensure she stays comfy throughout.
Tulle Flowers in white
Braided Headband with Tulle Flowers
Looking to accessorise? This beautiful braided headband is an elegant finishing touch on any super-cute hairstyle.
Pink light solid
Girls’ Ballerinas
Available in silver or golden, these glossy-effect ballerinas are a charming accompaniment to any occasion wear.

For Boys

In ivory
Boys’ Occasion Hat
Bring a chic touch to your little boy’s smart outfit with this trendy trilby in pure cotton chambray.
White light striped
Boys' Trousers with Braces
Chinos and braces are a perfect combination when it comes to dressing your little one for a big occasion.
The turn-ups give this outfit a trendy touch.
Grey medium solid and blue dark solid
Boys' Waistcoat
Want your little man to look like the most sophisticated guest at the wedding? This smart and stylish boys’ waistcoat is the perfect choice!
Fancy black
Boys' Bow Tie
Any wedding outfit needs a chic accessory or two!
This smart bow tie is the perfect option for your little reveller.
Party Outfits

Top tips: Birthday and party outfits for boys and girls

Birthdays are full of food, fun and laughter. That’s why it’s important that your little one not only looks the part but has the freedom to enjoy themselves. Here are our tips for dressing your child for a birthday party.

Comfortable and cute

Bring a backup

Unless you get all of your pictures taken at the start of the day, it’s a sensible idea to bring a change of clothes – especially for newborns and toddlers. Your child will inevitably find a way to make a mess.

From grass-stained knees to splattered food and drink, there’s a multitude of things that could happen – even if it is all part of the birthday fun! Bring along an extra change of clothes just in case and you’ll spare yourself any worry.

Dress them like princes & princesses

Every child wants to feel special on their birthday. It doesn't matter whether it’s a first birthday party or if you’d simply like to add a dash of whimsy, celebrate the occasion and create memories that will last a lifetime by dressing them in enchanting clothing.

Don’t break the bank

Due to the cost associated with buying clothes for special occasions, it’s important to make the most of your money. You can future-proof any purchases for special occasions by buying birthday outfits for boys or girls that allow a little bit of wiggle room. This will ensure they are able to get more than one or two wears out of their special occasion clothes.

Fortunately, there’s no need to fret about cost too much when you shop Vertbaudet’s range of occasion wear. We’ll help your money go further with affordable fashion in a variety of styles and designs.

Comfortable and cute

Cute Looks from Vertbaudet

For Babies

White light solid
Baby Boys' Mandarin Collar Shirt
This poplin shirt features a super-trendy Mandarin collar, making it perfect for dressing your little one up for party season!
Pink light all over printed
Baby Girls' Blouse + Shorts
+ Headband Outfit
This fantastic set combines a pair of comfy yet trendy baggy shorts, a pretty blouse and a matching headband, removing all the stress from outfit shopping.

For Girls

White light all over printed
Girls’ Printed Occasion Dress
With crossed straps, small frills and pretty embroidery, this dress is perfect for any birthday girl!
Pink light solid
Set of 2 Hair Clips + 1 Elastic Band
Extra-special occasions call for extra-special accessories! These stunning hair clips and elastic band will set her outfit off perfectly.
Red light all over printed
Girls' Blouse + Cropped Trousers Outfit
This complete outfit with a printed voile blouse and stretch twill cropped trousers is elegant, modern and stylish, taking all the hassle out of choosing a look for your little one!
Grey medium solid
Girls’ Glitter Skirt
Does your little one prefer skirts to dresses?
She’ll be shining in this glittery number, and the elasticated adjustable waistband will ensure she stays comfy throughout.

For Boys

Blue medium solid
Boys' Short-Sleeved Plain Shirt
Whether your dressing him up for a party or just a regular day, it’s hard to beat the smart-casual style of a classic short-sleeved white poplin shirt.
Boys' Leather Ankle Boots
These ankle boots in camel are super-versatile, so you can be sure your little man will get plenty of wear from them!
Blue light all over printed
Boys' Mandarin Collar Shirt,
in Linen and Cotton
This patterned linen and cotton shirt features a super-trendy Mandarin collar. Leave the cuffs buttoned down, or roll the sleeves up for a cooler look and feel.
Grey medium solid
Boys' Lined Jacket, in Cotton
and Stretch Linen
Looking to smarten up his summer party outfit? This lined jacket is a fantastic option if you want your little man to look elegant.

Preparing for a big occasion?

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