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Little lessons in how to tie those tricky laces

Learning to tie shoelaces can be really tricky ! But who says you can´t learn whilst having fun ?
Thanks to our little story, tying shoes will become as easy as 1, 2, 3,...
All you need is this clever picture guide, some help from our fiend Pinou,
a pair of different coloured laces (and a little patience)...
What a good idea !

See below to find out more.

This is the story of Pinou,
a rabbit very cute and very curious!
This morning, he is going to
the meadow... Hop, hop, hop!

Take a lace in each hand,
cross the laces and pull

In the middle of the meadow,
he hears a noise...
So he listens very carefully
with his large, furry ears...

make a pink loop and hold it
with your thumb and index finger

he spots a great big tree!

Make a blue loop, the same
size as the pink one

Quick, quick...
he hides behind the tree!

Cross the blue loop behind
the pink one

Phew... there´s a little hole
just behind the tree...
Hop! Pinou jumps in !

Pull the blue loop through the hole

But the hole is
just too small
for his large, furry ears...

Then pull on the two loops to
tighten your laces