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Get Set for Summer: Your Family Holiday Checklist

Our baby is coming!

Holidays are one of the most exciting things about summer, but deciding what to pack can be a bit stressful, especially when there are little ones to think about!

If you’re packing for your summer holiday and are worried you’ll miss something important, we’re here to help. This family holiday checklist includes everything you need for a happy, successful and stress-free trip!

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The Journey

Sometimes, we get so worked up planning what to pack for a summer holiday, we forget that we need things for the journey as well.

Here’s a list of all the things you might need for your journey, but don’t panic if you’ve got limited space – it might be that you don’t need everything on here!

Car window shade

These are handy for cars that don’t have tinted windows, as they keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes! Car window shades are a good idea if you’re travelling a long distance on a sunny day.

Window Shade


Nobody wants a rumbly tummy on a long journey! Pack enough snacks to last until you reach your holiday spot, and if you’re flying with children, take some boiled sweets. These will be helpful in stopping little ears from popping!

Ready, set, go!

Important documents

These are those items that you double, triple, even quadruple-check that you’ve remembered to pack before you leave! Before you set off from home, make sure you’ve got the following in your hand luggage:

● Passports – don’t get so concerned with remembering the kids’ passports that you forget your own!
● Travel documents, tickets and hotel information
● Maps and directions (to your holiday accommodation, for example)
● Currency if you’re travelling abroad

Clothes for everyone!


Obviously, the type of clothes you pack for your family holiday will depend entirely on where you’re going, but this list covers all climates, so you’ve got a good idea of exactly what to bring with you.

Sun means holidays

Cool clothes

If you’re travelling somewhere hot on your holiday, you’ll need to pack plenty of cool clothes for your kids. Think short sleeves, thin materials and light colours that reflect the sun, and be sure to pack enough to last the entire holiday - plus a couple of extras besides, just in case.

Clothes to sleep in

The type of pyjamas your little ones will need to bring will obviously depend on where your family holiday is, but nevertheless it’s important to pack a couple of pairs for the night-time. Pyjamas with shorts are a great holiday option and are easy to pack too.

Sun hats

It’s important to keep those little heads protected from harmful UV rays! Sun hats are your first line of defence against sunburn and sun stroke, and protect your little one’s scalp from getting burnt. They also help to protect your child’s eyes from the glaring sunshine, so it’s highly recommended that you pop one in your suitcase.


Like sun hats, sunglasses are essential for summer holidays. According to the World Health Organisation, 80% of the eye’s lifetime exposure to harmful UV light happens before the age of 18, so it’s essential to keep those little peepers protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

Swimming clothes

Kids love nothing more than splashing around in the pool or the sea and it’s a great form of exercise, so make sure you pack that all-important swimming gear. Don’t forget to chuck in a pair of goggles, too!

Smart clothes

If you’re planning a meal out whilst on holiday, it’s a good idea to pack some smart apparel for your little ones. Hotels often have family entertainment nights, and who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? Pack their glad rags and get ready for a family party in the sunshine!

Warm clothes

Not all summer holidays are sunny! If you’re staying in the UK for your holiday, it’s worth packing some warmer clothes to account for unpredictable weather changes. Warm clothes are a good idea for holidays abroad too, as it can get chilly in the evenings in some locations.


The exact style of shoe you need to pack for your little one will depend on the type of holiday you’re going on; if you’re off on a beach holiday, you’ll need sandals. If it’s a theme park vacation, your little ones will be better of with sturdy trainers.
If you’re going camping, you might need to pack their wellies!

We recommend packing one to three pairs of shoes per week of your holiday.


Again, coats are a must if you’re travelling to a destination with unpredictable weather! If it’s going to be windy, rainy or just a little cold, make sure you pack a coat for your little one to wear on the trip.

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What your baby or toddler will need on holiday

As well as clothes (which we’ll get to shortly), there are loads of equipment bits and bobs you’ll need to bring with you if you’re taking a little one on holiday.

Again, you might not need all of these items depending on where you’re going, so don’t worry if the list looks really long!

Baby's dummy


These are prone to getting lost or dropping onto the floor, so be sure to pack a few spares.

Toddler reins

If you’re out and about on your holiday, your little one will be very excited at the new surroundings and will want to see just about everything.

Toddler reins will help you keep an eye on them at all times, although prepare to be pulled in every direction possible!

Sun cream

This is one of the most important items on the list!

Children need a very high factor sun cream to protect their skin, and it should always be reapplied liberally after swimming and paddling, even if the bottle says waterproof.

Perfect for beach

Pop-up tent

In case you can’t find a shady spot on the beach, it’s a good idea to pack a pop-up tent. This will help keep your little ones protected from the sun, and is a great place to have a seaside picnic if you want to keep the sand out of your sandwiches!

Baby wash, baby lotion and a sponge

Just in case these aren’t accessible at your holiday location, always pack your baby wash, lotion and a sponge so you can bathe your little one without hassle.

Protect your baby

Travel cot

If your holiday accommodation doesn’t have a cot for baby to sleep in, you will need to bring a travel cot so they have a safe and cosy place to snooze during your trip.

Talcum powder

Not only is talcum powder an after-bath essential, it’s great for getting rid of sand from the beach, too!.

Holiday Essentials

Still in need of those holiday essentials?

If you need inspiration for your little one’s holiday gear, check out our baby, girls’ and boys’ clothes for gorgeous summery garments at affordable prices.