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  • Eco-Responsible Mattress Cover WHITE LIGHT SOLID

Eco-Responsible Mattress Cover - white light solid


  • 60x120
  • 70x140
  • 90x140
  • 90X190

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What you should know...Product details

An eco-responsible mattress cover for a natural and healthy bed! Made using renewable energy sources (sun, wind, hydroelectric...) and recycled materials, it encourages responsible consumption and children become aware of positive values.


4 sizes available:

- 60 x 120 cm (15 cm pocket height)
- 70 x 140 cm (15 cm pocket height)
- 90 x 140 cm (15 cm pocket height)
- 90 x 190 cm (23 cm pocket height)

  • Made from recycled cotton.
  • Zero pesticides, zero GMOs, zero irrigation water.
  • 1 side in 100% cotton fleece, 70% of which is recycled.
  • 1 side waterproof PEPP (polyethylene-polypropylene).
  • Flap in 100% stretch cotton.

Eco-responsible mattress cover in pure cotton.

Washing Instructions

Kids' Waterproof Mattress Cover

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