Easter fun

Winter Warmers

Looking for some lovely ways to celebrate Easter?  We bring you our pick of the sweetest ideas around (and they aren’t ALL made of chocolate!).

Something silly

Eggs needn’t be made of chocolate to be fun! With the simple addition of some googly eyes, a dippy egg becomes the perfect breakfast for Easter morning. Let the funny faces on the eggs here inspire you.

Something simple…

…but wonderful! You can make the bunny ears here with just card (pink and white) and Sellotape, and little ones are sure to want to wear them all day!

The perfect sweet treat

Everyone likes a glass of milk and a biscuit, and these bunny ear biscuits are simply adorable. Find out how to make them here, and get nibbling!

Cute and crafty

Looking for the perfect activity for older children over Easter? These bright bunny bookmarks look gorgeous and are inexpensive and fun to make with just some wooden beads and coloured wool. The tutorial here shows you how.

Here comes the chocolate!

If you don’t like the idea of the children eating a whole Easter egg to themselves, why not bake up a delicious batch of squidgy chocolate brownies? Just cut them up into small, roughly circular shapes and place a few coloured chocolate eggs in the centre, making them look like nests. Their small size makes them a great way to control your children’s (or your own!) portion size, but they’ll look and taste so good you won’t feel you’re missing out at all! Be inspired here.