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  • 36 cm Baby Doll, Alice by COROLLE PINK MEDIUM SOLID
  • 36 cm Baby Doll, Alice by COROLLE PINK MEDIUM SOLID
  • 36 cm Baby Doll, Alice by COROLLE PINK MEDIUM SOLID
  • 36 cm Baby Doll, Alice by COROLLE PINK MEDIUM SOLID

36 cm Baby Doll, Alice by COROLLE - pink medium solid




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What you should know...Product details

36 cm baby doll, Alice by COROLLE

Alice is the perfect large baby doll to care for, just like grown ups look after their babies. It measures 36 cm. Just the right size for a child's small arms to cuddle, nurture and mimic grown-up activities.
Her face, arms and legs are made of soft-touch vinyl with a delicate vanilla scent. Her body is supple, so she can move easily, or even sit. Her thumb can go in her mouth. With her sleeping eyes, she goes to sleep when you put her down on her back.

She is wearing a dress, a hairband and a pair of ballerina shoes.
Alice has at her disposal the complete Mon Grand Poupon Corolle collection of clothes and accessories that gets children to start mimicking everyday life and make up multiple and diversified games. With long hair that is easy to style with the baby doll brush, the child can invent and make their first hairstyles!

Plus points of the 36 cm baby doll, Alice by COROLLE

  • 2Y+
  • 36 cm
  • Size is suitable for little arms and little hands
  • Soft flexible body
  • Sleepy eyes that shut when you lay her on her back
  • Comforting vanilla scent
  • Wearing a dress, a headband and a pair of ballerina shoes

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